“Return to a City of Rhyme” is a new documentary about our lives, created by Kurt Shaw of Shine A Light and co-sponsored by PeaceTones.  We hope this documentary will inspire you to donate to our cause, to help equip and renovate our studio in Santo Amaro, Recife, so that our community can continue creating music.

You can donate to Return to a City of Rhyme by clicking here or through Peacetones.


The favelas of Recife, Brazil, are one of the most violent places on Earth, where the murders of 70-100 children and teenagers over a weekend is not unusual. Tyrannical gangs control daily life, police (when present) abuse local inhabitants brutally, hunger is constant, and government services, from education to basic hygiene, are absent or extremely weak.

Return to a City of Rhyme tells the story of a motivated group of young hip-hop and break-dance artists who have spent the past five years working as peacemakers in their community. Has rap and break-dance done anything to make peace in the midst of gang wars and police brutality? Watch the documentary to find out.

Donate to 'Return to a City of Rhyme' if you are moved by our story. Your donation will help us build a studio in Recife, as well as continue our peace and arts education in the community of Santo Amaro.

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